apple based material

In my Final Bachelor Project, Apple Based Material, I aimed to create sustainable and circular fashion. The outcome is a speculative garment created from my own developed biodegradable 100% apple-based material (CA & TR). I professionalized how I present myself and my work to a broad audience in exhibitions and interviews. During my M1.2, I started ideating on my vision and design direction. Reflecting on Apple Based Material made me realise that if I wanted to shift something in anthropocentric human behaviour, I needed to change peoples mindset (US), not the material of the product. The replacement of the product with a less harmful alternative will still stimulate human consumerism. Being in conflict with an earlier design I figured it will help me move forward and boost new ideas. I am proud of what I did, but even more, with learning that being content with a project and disagreeing with the outcome and vision are two separate things.

presented at:

future fashion, Dutch Design Week 2018

Material District Rotterdam, 2018

Future Life of Materials, Design Festival Disainioo

Embassy of Sustainable Design, Dutch Design Week 2019

Manifestations, Dutch Design Week 2010

Innovatieve Mode en Slim Textiel, Museum de Kantfabriek

DDW Live @ED - Dinsdag met Ilse van den Dungen en Daniëlle Ooms